Sabbath With ADVENT HOPE

Worship Services: Saturday at 9AM and 11:30AM

Adult Bible Study Groups: Saturday at 10:20AM

Held weekly on the lower floor of Advent Hope, Adult Bible Study Groups consist of thoughtful dialogue and discussion on various Biblical topics.

Children's Sabbath School Classes: Saturday

Beginners 0-2 Downstairs 12:30PM

Kindergarten 3-5 Downstairs 10:20AM

Primary ages 6-9 Downstairs 10:20AM

Juniors ages 10-12 Downstairs 10:20AM

Teens ages 13-17 Balcony 10:20AM

Teen's Church: Saturday at Noon

Children's Church: Saturday at Noon

Children's Church program & activities: ages 3-12

Fellowship Meal: 1:00PM

Our outstanding volunteer teams prepare food that is both nutritious and delicious. We hope you will join us and we look forward to meeting you.

Afternoon Classes: Saturday at 2:00PM

Going Deeper

A discussion that delves deeper into the main topic of the worship service and sermon.

October 26 thru December 9 - Meeting weekly at 2pm
What the science of will power teaches us about following Jesus


Exploring the Beliefs and Practices of Our Community
October 26 thru December 2 - Meeting weekly at 2pm